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Making Spring Connections

Sun 08 May 2022



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1.15pm - 2.15pm

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Making Spring Connections

One of the things missed by many during the lockdowns of Covid-19 was the serendipity of conversation, the seemingly random interactions as we go about our lives in which we swap a story about ourselves, share a joke or two, and in doing so find surprising connections, value in that warmth, and come away with a spring in our step!

Some of us were able to find something that worked some way to this through our jobs if they continued through the lockdown periods on screens.  For those of us in our community who no longer work, some of us had family that gathered round, whether on the phone or in the garden when they were not allowed inside!  Some of us felt lonely, alone, and isolated.  And none of us could enjoy that serendipity of random conversation.

In this workshop, we embrace the serendipity of random conversation, to enjoy connection and hopefully leave with a spring in our steps!


Join us for Bloom, a Free Festival of Mental Welling taking place on Sunday 8th May 2022.

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