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John Fairhurst

Sat 03 Nov 2018






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John Fairhurst

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John Fairhurst

John Fairhurst is gearing up to greet 2018 with a kaleidoscope of sounds, effortlessly shapeshifting between his customary acoustic solo Delta Blues show, to a new exciting duo with Toby Murray on drums. The pair are finally unleashing the full blown power of psychedelic rock blues infused with world music influences in their new album and live show.

A John Fairhurst show is a true testimony of his versatility, capable of captivating audiences across the world as a solo artist armed simply with his trademark resonator or supported by the flair of Toby’s percussion; his music takes the audience on a musical voyage of spell binding improvisations drawing freely from a rich tapestry of influences that span from the Mississippi to the Ganges and all that is worthy in between.

Fronted by their eponymous songwriter, the duo draw freely from rock, blues and world music, with a penchant for slide guitar and through his distinctive deep growling voice, the songs, delivered in pure raconteur style, narrate the hardships of a life on the road and the bleakness of our times.

‘John is from Bristol, and the owner of one of the deepest voices we’ve ever heard, like Captain Beefheart but even more so….he sings about the bottom of the ocean, and that’s how deep his voice is.’

‘Truly exquisite.’

‘Possibly the finest guitarist you’ll ever see.’


Venue: Voodoo Lounge, Exeter Phoenix

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