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Dir. Various
105 mins | 2021

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  • Tue 26 Oct: 7.30pm

The Brit Rock Film Tour is back for 2021 with a stunning line-up of films representing the best of UK climbing and adventure stories.

E11 Lexicon
10 mins, UK

A steep and blank headwall in the Lake District has a smattering of tiny holds and no protection from the elements. Known as E11 Lexicon even the most experienced climbers find ascent challenging and dangerous. Neil Gresham, an experienced climber who trains and prepares others for the mental challenges they might face on location, applies every skill he has to face his hardest project yet as he makes his way to the top of this notorious vertical section. Strap in for the ride in a film that packs a classic cocktail of big lobs, hard climbing and the moment of truth as Neil completes ‘the climb of his life’.

Great Sheikhs
30 mins

Join Britain’s top adventure climber Leo Houlding on an exploratory climbing mission to the unclimbed desert towers of Saudi Arabia, in the outstanding Wadi Al Disah region.
Accompanied by tree climber Waldo Etherington this stunning journey is as entertaining as it is revealing where our duo encounter loose rock and deep sand during the first ascents of freestanding towers; ‘if this was Moab it would have been climbed in the 60s’.

We are treated to the obligatory camel ride, perplexed locals and some good old fashioned dirt bagging as the voyage culminates with an audacious ascent of A’Atir, possibly the world’s tallest sandstone tower (330m). A film that glows with the stark beauty of the Arabian desert and the sincerity of a climber in his element.

Kjerag Solo
15 mins

Pete Whittaker is a climber that needs no introduction. He is renowned for his world class crack climbing and roped solo ascents.

In this film we see Pete take a new direction with and attmept the first successful free solo ascent of the imposing Kjerag (1082m) big wall in Norway. Putting his skills and passions to the test Pete must navigate wet and dirty rock without the safety backup of a rope.

Take a front seat ride in this innovatively filmed mini-epic as Pete fully commits to this increasingly difficult and exposed line.

Fall Theory
45 mins

Franco Cookson burst onto the climbing scene over 10 years ago and has been leaving an indelible mark ever since. His early career in particular played out in an unusually public manner on the UK’s climbing forums, where his hard and bold first ascents on his home ground of the North York Moors would often receive much skeptical analysis.

In 2017 Franco made the first ascent of ‘Nothing Lasts’ in Northumberland, an almost unfathomably dangerous route. The film follows the Franco on his latest journey to climb an even harder line where the weight of previous successes hangs heavily on his mind.

Taking an in-depth look into Franco’s past and the workings of his fascinating mind this documentary taps into Franco’s extensive archive and relives some truly jaw-dropping moments during his prolific career.



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