Zoology (15)

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Zoology (15)

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Zoology (15)

Dir. Ivan I. Tverdovsky, France/Germany/Russia, 91 mins, 2016

Showing Times: 

  • Sun 5 Nov: 1pm
  • Tue 7 Nov: 8pm

A lonely and seemingly unremarkable middle-aged zoo worker redefines her life after discovering she has grown a tail.

Natasha (Natalia Pavlenkova) lives a simple and uneventful life at home with her mother. Stuck behind her desk at the local zoo and ignored by her colleagues at every turn, Natasha has retreated into her shell, living a withdrawn existence. That is, until a shock discovery turns her life upside down; she has grown a tail. Faced with this new reality, Natasha takes on the world with a newfound determination.

Natalia Pavlenkova gives a stunning lead performance in Tverdovsky’s modern fable that is part social satire and part tender love story.

???? ‘Zoology isn’t just about a person who has grown a tail, but a tale of personal growth.’ 


Venue: Studio 74, Exeter Phoenix

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