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The Story Of The Solar System


Sun 27 Jan 2019


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The Story Of The Solar System

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The Story Of The Solar System


Few stories are more exciting, more extraordinary, than that of our Solar System and the planets, moons, asteroids and comets that orbit the star we call the Sun. In this thrilling live show, astronomer Will Gater brings this remarkable tale to the stage.

The Story of the Solar System explores how the planets came to be and how they were transformed from wandering points of light to familiar worlds. Worlds that we’ve now examined up-close with robotic rovers and orbiting spacecraft.

Along the way you’ll hear about the men and women who pioneered the study of our planetary neighbourhood and see how modern space missions, investigating strange and awe-inspiring alien landscapes, have built on their work.

With live demos bringing to life some of the science of the Solar System and spectacular astronomical imagery throughout, this promises to be one story you won’t forget soon.

‘Very much like the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures…I loved this show. I loved seeing a talented science communicator making his knowledge accessible and interesting and passing his enthusiasm to the audience.’

‘Expansive and exciting’
BBC Sky at Night Magazine

Venue: Exeter Phoenix, Auditorium

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