Baby G – The Concert

Mon 06 Mar 2400





5pm or 8pm

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Baby G – The Concert

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Baby G – The Concert

Baby G makes a swift return to Exeter Phoenix for two 1-off-1-hour concerts* in that bit between Christmas and New Year where nobody knows what to do. Why not fill it with some songs, star-studded stories and a smattering of no-nonsense political comment?
Baby is in desperate need of footage for her impending website and will be filming these specials**, a ‘best of’ her ongoing series Songs You Don’t Know You Know. The choicest re-writes, the most salacious showbiz secrets and the funniest anecdotes (with one or two songs which didn’t quite make the cut in the past) Baby G – The Concert promises to be the sparkliest addendum to your festive doodahs.
*They are essentially the same concert. You can come twice if you want but it’ll leave you exhausted.
**Don’t flatter yourself. Baby is the one being filmed, not you.


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