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Screening #6 | South West Showcase

Two Short Nights

Fri 29 Nov 2019


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2pm - 3.30pm

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Screening #6 | South West Showcase

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Exeter Phoenix’s Two Short Nights Film Festival is back for its 18th year with another exciting programme of screenings, talks and workshops that celebrate the vibrant world of short film. Whether you make film or love film, join us for must-see short films from across the globe, emerging local talent, and special events with industry professionals.

SCREENING #6 | South West Showcase

A selection of short films celebrating the exceptional talent of young filmmakers from the South West of England. Curated in partnership with Into Film these bold documentaries, quirky animations and gripping dramas bring together a variety of untold stories and present some very different aspects of the world we live in.


Animation, 5 mins

A hazy awakening aboard an abandoned moon base leaves a young space explorer desperate for answers.


Drama, 9 mins

Wren doesn’t remember anything about being above. She is sleep walking through her life until Mac arrives and makes her question everything.

The Inroad

Drama, 8 mins

When young Johnny wakes up in the back of a car out in the countryside, he is concerned about how he got there. But his situation gets worse when a man approaches with a gun.

Having A Ball

Animation, 1 min

The Bristol millennium dome’s journey around the creative city of Bristol.


Drama, 5 mins

Blink is Dystopian film about a boy who disrupts the system.

Three Young Men on a Bench

Experimental, 3 mins

An experimental reinterpretation of an old family photo which explores what it was like to grow up as black immigrants in a rural area fifty years ago.


Drama, 10 mins

A boy loses someone he loves, he feels very lost, confused and heartbroken. But he is given the light to help him out of the darkness.


Drama, 6 mins

A curious son strives to understand the truth behind his Mother’s death, but does the truth really lie beneath the water’s surface?

The Dad

Drama, 3 mins

The Dad focuses on the life of Andrew, and how he coped with his full of bad wind and overweight dad who has a brooding dark secret that makes him kind of cool.

A Soft Touch

Drama, 3 mins

A Soft Touch is a very simplistic, short and sweet journey into the mind and imagination of a blind child. We follow his interest in paper planes into his imagination, despite his mothers concern of wasted paper!

Margaret-100-Year-Old Bristol City Super Fan

Documentary, 6 mins

Meet Margaret Dodds, Bristol City FC’s 100-year-old superfan. Season ticket-holder Margaret talks about her unusual life, her love for the game and how sport unites people of all ages in this affecting short documentary.

Chasing Borders


Chasing Borders follows the story of a young refugee fleeing a war zone, looking for safety. Having to leave his family and country, share the story of what it’s like to be a young refugee trying to find a home…. Based on a true story, this documentary tells the heartbreaking story of one person walking to safety.

Dropping In

Documentary, 6 mins

A young man is searching for himself and finds what he needs at the skate park…. In this emotional documentary, Nathan talks about how skateboarding stopped him getting in trouble, helped him with confidence, and drop in rather than drop out. As he tailsides across Thornbury and kick flips around Bristol, this documentary, filled with tricks, stunts and grinds, asks who are we and what can we push ourselves to do.

The Squircle

Animation, 5 mins

A person struggles to find their place in a world they don’t quite fit in.


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