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Shorts #5: Love Is Strange

Two Short Nights

Sat 02 Dec 2017


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2pm – 3.30pm

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Shorts #5: Love Is Strange

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Two Short Nights Film Festival

Exeter Phoenix’s 16th annual Two Short Nights Film Festival is back with a jam-packed programme of screenings and events celebrating the world of short film. Enjoy incredible animation, stunning cinematography and exceptional storytelling with screenings of must-see films from around the globe, alongside emerging local talent.

Shorts #5: Love Is Strange

An upbeat selection of live action short films showing just how strange love can be. Ride along for the highs and lows in each story – from big blow out weddings to starting a new family. One thing is clear; there is more than one way to love.



Sophie Ansell, UK, 2016, 13mins

A masochistic teenage girl is saved from a life of scrounging and skiving after she develops an obsessive crush on David Cameron.

The Sweetest Kiss

Alina Landry Rancier, Dominican Republic/USA, 2017, 5mins

Two lovers gently and sweetly kiss.

To Wendy Who Kicked Me When I Said I Love You

Dan Castella, UK, 2017, 10mins

An offbeat romantic comedy following the courtship of Wendy (one good eye), Sidd (short for Siddhartha) and a plane-spotting obsession.

Annie Waits

Marnie Paxton-Harris, UK, 2017, 9mins

We’ve all waited for ‘the one’. The one who catches our eye, the one who keeps our interest, the one who won’t expect us to trudge down that conventional path. Annie Waits tells the story of lust and disappointment, as a twenty-something waits for her adult life to begin.


Pregnant Pause

Alice Seabright, UK, 2016, 13mins

Pee. Wait. Panic. Steph is in a happy, long-term relationship, but now she might be pregnant she has no idea what she wants.

The Full Story

Daisy Jacobs, UK, 2017, 8mins

A loving, close-knit family falls apart as we hurtle through the Seventies into the divorce boom of the Eighties. Many years later, when the family home is sold, hindsight and fragments of childhood memory combine to reveal the full story.

Close Ties

Zofia Kowalewska, Poland, 2016, 18mins

Barbara and Zdzislaw are soon to celebrate their forty-fifth anniversary. It would have been quite the occasion if not for the fact that Zdzislaw spent eight of those years living with another woman.

Ojiu Sex

Mondon Ghulam, UK, 2017, 4mins

When a heart-broken man tries to contact his deceased girlfriend, he discovers she wants more than just a chat.


Venue: Studio 74, Exeter Phoenix




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