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Dolly’s Film Club Presents: Now and Then (PG)


Sat 13 Jul 2024


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Rated PG


£9* | £5* students/under 25s



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Dolly’s Film Club Presents: Now and Then (PG)


Dir. Lesli Linka Glatter
1995 | 102 mins | US
Starring Demi Moore, Christina Ricci, Gabbi Hoffman

Summer’s here and Dolly is spending it with Samantha, Chrissie, Teeny and Roberta cycling around sunny 1970 suburbia, drinking bottles of pop, hosting seances and cementing our life long friendships!

We meet the four as adults in 1991, before flashing back and spending the summer with the 12 year olds in thor last summer before teen-dom.

Now & Then is a VHS comfort classic, with a stacked cast including Demi Moore, Christina Ricci, Melanie Grifiths and Thore Birch, and an absolute celebration of girlhood.


As always with Dolly’s Film Club there’s a little extra catnip, as this is a slumber party classic Now & Then will be a pyjama party – so crack out your fluffy slippers and wear your cutest jammies for a cosy early evening screening of this sleepover classic.

Ticket holders for Now & Then will also get an exclusive limited edition fan-zine.

Dolly’s Film Club

Dolly’s Film Club is a monthly film club that celebrates the camp, fun, queer, underappreciated and unapologetically enjoyable side of cinema, but most of all Dolly’s Film Club is to celebrate the JOY of being an audience.

You are always encouraged to wear fancy dress or themed outfits to Dolly’s Film Club, and there’s always a little bit extra catnip involved in our screenings…

Everyone is welcome, come as group or by yourself, as soon as you come to a Dolly’s Film Club event you are in our club!

(Dolly is also a cat 🐈)

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Rated PG


*Subject to a £1.50 ticketing system charge. We don’t charge this to make a profit. Find out more >>

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