Moving Worlds

Refugee Week Exeter Presents

Thu 01 Jan 1970






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Moving Worlds

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Refugee Week Exeter Presents

Moving Worlds

+ Citizenship test from Buck’s Quizz

An evening of short film, hidden stories and very British questions.


  • Tue 18 Jun: 7pm

Responding to this year’s Refugee Week theme ‘You, me and those who came before’, this selection of short films examine personal and collective journeys of belonging, stories of finding one’s new ‘home’ and personal testimonies of resilience.

Each film will be followed by a quiz round from resident quizmistress Buck’s Quizz which will test your national citizenship knowledge. Light hearted and fun, the evening will uncover hidden stories and allow conversations about displacement, belonging and ‘home’ to emerge.


2008, 12 mins, dir. Marcelo Starobinas & Maria Eduarda Andrade

For most Londoners home is both in the city and somewhere else… at the other end of a phone line.

This short documentary, entirely shot inside phone booths in cheap international call centres, is a gripping, emotional portrait of long distance relationships between immigrants and their families in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and South America.



2017, 26 mins, dir. Io Chaviara & Michalis Kastanidis

Idomeni, in 2016; In this small village on the Greek-Macedonian border, an old lady recounts stories about locals who crossed the borderline and never came back. While her narrations reconstruct the History of the border, some Palestinians from Syria, living in the refugee settlement that has been built right next to the village, decide to set up a kindergarten. Thus, instead of waiting passively for the border to open, they exist in the present, they envision the future and they create conditions that bring them closer to a feeling of a home.



2018, 8 mins

Hedaya and her young sister have lost their home, friends and brother in the battle of Darraya. They have found safety as refugees in Istanbul but Hedaya being the only Turkish speaker member of the family has to act as translator and head of family for her unemployed dad.



2018, 10mins, dir. Mayya Kelova, Andrea Kobor & Adina Tulegenova

Anyák is a story of how two women of different ethnicities, cultures and generations experienced motherhood. Klara is a Hungarian woman in her 70s, a mother of a large family, who brought up her children of various backgrounds in communist Hungary in the 1980s. Sarah is a Ugandan woman in her late 20s, who is raising her daughter Tunde in contemporary Hungary. The story is a reflection on the issues of identity and belonging in Europe in the past and today.



2018, 12 mins, dir. Carina Haouchine

A filmmaker from Scotland tries to understand what it means to be between two cultures by spending time with the women in her Algerian family.


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