Day, Evans, Dale

Thu 24 Nov 2022





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Day, Evans, Dale

Green Money, released by Discus Records in Autumn 2022, is an evocative statement for our time using spoken word and jazz/improv/acoustic-electronics.  Hear the band perform, witness innovation live.

Steve Day’s been called a “performance alchemist”, influenced as much by Miles Davis and Brian Eno as Seamus Heaney.  Peter Evans is renowned for his unique approach to 5-string electric violin and his collaborative work with stunning double bassist Julian Dale.  Maestro reeds player Mark Langford and ‘sound’ specialist Ric White are major creative musicians.  It was recently said of poet Jennie Osborne: she has a sophisticated understanding of how language can sing this world”.

Individually the band members have worked with such diverse game-changers as Keith and Julie Tippett, Sergio Armaroli, Andy Sheppard, Martin Archer, U.A. Fanthorpe and Brian Patten. (GMA Tour22)

Line up:

Steve Day: voice, drums, djembi, congas, gongs, shekere

Peter Evans: 5-string electric violin, loops

Julian Dale: double bass, cello

Mark Langford: tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, piano

Ric White: EWI, soundbox electronics, flute, baritone saxophone

Jennie Osborne: voice



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