Adam Garratt: Practice Rubble

Sat 06 Jul 2024 - Sat 31 Aug 2024





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Adam Garratt: Practice Rubble

In a playful critique of the consumption and disposal of construction materials, Adam Garratt has repurposed a series of prints on pre-used worksite plastic, which are folded into triangles and brought together here to represent a kind of artist’s rubble. Addressing everyday environmental consumption and waste, Adam has collected every bag of crisps he has consumed since 2006, each carefully folded into a triangle and stored in a kilner jar. Serving as a reminder of the artist’s own part in the consumption and disposal of non-recyclable materials and a catalyst for exploring how an artist might archive their own work. By extension these prints take on the same values.

Adam Garratt (b. Coventry, 1986) lives and works in Exeter. Alongside a full time job as a museum worker Adam’s practice interrogates the constraint of not having an artist studio. Adam has an MA in Contemporary Art Practice from the University of Plymouth and has exhibited nationally in recent years.

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