Beginners Digital Photography

This intensive one day course is aimed at those who wish to develop an understanding of digital SLR cameras and would like to venture off program mode. Participants benefit from one-to-one teaching and a hands on, interactive day. participants are invited to bring in a few examples of their own photography or projects. The session is very inclusive and aims to encourage everyone regardless of experience or ability. Theory Based Introduction – explaining what shutter speeds, apertures and ISOs are and how these work together to form an exposure. Includes practical guidance on how to use these features on your own camera. Composition – practise and discussion on the rules of good composition as well as considering when to break the rules. Practical Tasks – participants will be set practical tasks and encouraged to take pictures on location close to Exeter Phoenix, in order to explore and revisit elements learnt earlier in the day. This will be followed by the opportunity to download and edit the pictures using photoshop. Those taking part are invited to bring a memory stick or CD to save any work. This course can be tailored to incorporate specific projects or requirements. Intermediate Digital Photography Courses are also available.